Since opening its first executive suite in 2004, Stark Office Suites, has grown to feature eleven
premier executive suite locations in New York City and across Westchester and Connecticut. It’s
year sixteen, and we sit down with Adam J. Stark, President and Founder, and talk about the
first executive suite at 445 Hamilton Avenue in White Plains, New York.

Question: Tell us about 445 Hamilton Avenue?
Adam: 445 Hamilton Avenue is our original location and has always been home for us. We have
experienced much success throughout the years and have expanded the facility many times.
When the option arose for us to take the entire eleventh floor, it was an exciting opportunity
for us to increase our space.

Question: Why do you feel White Plains is such a great destination for business owners, and
what are your thoughts on White Plains in general?
Adam: White Plains is the business center of Westchester. Our suite is centrally located in the
heart of the business district, within walking distance to the train station and surrounded by
beautiful parks, great restaurants, terrific retail shopping and attractive housing and hotel
options. There are also numerous cultural and entertainment activities in the vicinity. These
are the attributes that make White Plains desirable, and why it attracts many of our clients to
set up their business headquarters at our Hamilton Avenue location.

Question: Is there a specific thing that you love about the Hamilton Avenue location?
Adam: I think the combination of convenience, style and location makes our White Plains suite
a unique option for those who want those city amenities while remaining closer to home. The
offices have floor to ceiling windows with fantastic panoramic views of White Plains and the
surrounding area. White Plains has always been a natural choice for our clients who had
previously been in Manhattan and were looking for an alternative closer to home. The city has
many of the city amenities that many of our clients desire without the drawbacks of the long,
hassled commute to Manhattan.

Question: What is next for Stark Office Suites post COVID-19, as many are worried?

Adam: From our standpoint, everybody needs to find their way through this transitional period
that’s coming up. We have continued to work with our clients through this critical time, offering
them as much support as possible. We are all in this together and Stark has made significant
efforts to be there for our clients. We intend to continue to assist them with their business
needs as the “New Normal” evolves.
Our goal, as everyone finds their footing again, is for Stark to continue to enhance our service
offerings, provide new and better services, and continue to grow as we have been for the past
16 years. For instance, currently we have enhanced our videoconferencing service to assist
people with connecting and conducting meetings while maintaining social distancing.
We think the flexibility and services that we offer are going to be even more in demand. The
idea of working closer to home to avoid a daily commute will likely remain an attractive
alternative for many people. Having the flexibility to work locally while retaining a convenient
option to work in NYC when necessary will be more important than ever. At Stark we can
provide this office solution for our clients. A location like White Plains is perfectly positioned
for this type of flexibility, given that our virtual and full-time office plans allow access to our
other locations, including our suite directly across the street from Grand Central Terminal.
Here at Stark Office Suites, we have always emphasized client relationships, whether it is a
client who is starting with a mailing address or a multi-office suite. We understand that our
clients’ needs change over time, and given the current uncertainty that is more true than ever.
It is hard for many of us to predict what we may need 6, 12, and 24 months down the road.
That’s where we come in. Stark can provide service offerings that are flexible enough to
accommodate the changes that will come over time. Our mission is to be able to meet our
clients where they are now and assure them that as their needs evolve that we will be able to
continue to partner with them by providing flexible solutions that can evolve alongside them.
All the while, we will continue to make the investments in facilities and technological
infrastructure to keep their office solutions at the leading edge of the industry.

Question: What I seem to gather from you is that Stark is there throughout all stages of a
business and is built with that flexibility in mind of how business owners go through different
changes. Tell me more about that?
Adam: Yes, that is precisely it. Stark has been able to offer varying options to clients as their
business model changes. We provide a level of flexibility, but our clients are not transient.
Our suites are used exclusively for our clients, which is an important distinction to make.
Throughout the years, we have been able to provide a broad menu of services for our clients so that they never feel pigeonholed. We place a strong emphasis on building relationships with
our clients and helping them throughout their business stages.

Question: In thinking about how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses, what are
your thoughts on the “new” office landscape?
Adam: In looking at the Coronavirus pandemic here in New York and the issues that people
might be facing, I believe that many people are going to be looking for a suburban option with
NYC access, and we want them to recognize that we can provide that service. For the successful
established professional who wants to be closer to home and drive to their office but still have
access to New York City when they need it, Stark is the answer. I invite business professionals to
visit our website and learn more about all of the office solutions available here at Stark Office

About Adam J. Stark, President, and Founder, Stark Office Suites: Adam is an entrepreneur at
heart with an eye for business innovation. Following a highly successful career in finance, he
branched out on his own in 2004 to found Stark Office Suites.
Adam quickly emerged as a major player in Westchester County’s business community while
growing Stark Office Suites into the premier provider of office space and services for
professionals and entrepreneurs in the region, serving over 800 businesses. He has been
featured in The New York Times,, The Journal News, The Westchester and Fairfield
County Business Journals, The New York Real Estate Journal, The Stamford Advocate, The
Northern Westchester Express, The Mount Kisco Examiner, 914INC. and many other prominent
media outlets.
Adam was a recipient of the Business Council of Westchester’s Rising Stars Award and the
Westchester County Association’s APEX award for young professionals. In 2016, Adam was
named to 914INC.’s “The It List: 50 Names You Need to Know To Do Business In Westchester.”
Adam lives in Northern Westchester with his wife, Marisa, and their seven children.