Adam Stark Westfair Interview

In 2017, Stark Office Suites acquired The Hartford Trust Company Building, a historic property located at 750 Main Street across from the Old State House in downtown Hartford. Renamed The Stark Building, some were wondering “Why Hartford”? Keep reading, and you’ll see why Adam J. Stark, President, and Founder of Stark Office Suites, chose to invest in Hartford, CT.

Question: Why did you choose Hartford, Connecticut, as a business location to invest?
Adam: When we were looking to acquire our first property, one of the areas that struck me was downtown Hartford, which was going through a renaissance. Despite a cloud of financial issues that had surrounded Hartford at that time, I was excited about the trend of urbanization taking place where young professionals were moving back to the city center. Hartford was offering that right blend of the city environment, but not being overwhelming. It really felt like a city that was just about to turn the corner into something truly exciting.

Question: Tell us about the renovation process for The Stark Building, which was built in 1921?
Adam: The renovation process was undoubtedly a challenge but an exciting one. The building is almost a hundred years old and one of the oldest skyscrapers in downtown Hartford. Despite its amazing history, it had not received the appropriate level of TLC in the recent past.
We viewed this as an exciting challenge to restore a classic building while including the best modern elements. It took time to get to know the intricacies of how the structure worked, what was there, what wasn’t there, and the possibilities.
We tackled each process carefully by improving the mechanical systems in the building, renovating the lobby and common areas, installing a fiber-optic infrastructure for our tenants and improving the energy efficiency. We had a goal of creating a classic “Class A” property in downtown Hartford that could offer tenants a different experience than what was otherwise available. The opportunity to blend a classic building with flexible solutions that included the latest technology services built into the leases was a truly exciting aspect for us.

Question: What’s one thing about The Stark Building that you’ve created, that you love?
Adam: What I love about what we have done with the building is the combination of tenants that we now have. As we restored the building, there were a number of existing tenants who were excited to be a part of the restoration and we also brought in a whole host of new tenants attracted by the vibrancy of the building’s comeback. This new blend of tenants has brought the building back to life in a way that is truly gratifying. I love walking into the building today and seeing all of the different people, businesses, and professionals in the building and the community that it has become.

Question: Lastly, in thinking about the renovation process, what is your favorite addition?
Adam: I love the outdoor lighting system we installed on the top of the buildings and the light shows that we display at night. We installed a system similar to what is found at the Empire State Building in New York City and it’s become a great addition to the nightime Hartford skyline.
We also just finished renovating the penthouse for a new tenant that helped to restore the magnificence of that truly unique space. There are not many spaces in Hartford like our penthouse, which has fifteen-foot ceilings, a outdoor balcony overlooking downtown Hartford and the surrounding area, giant picture windows, and a 30-foot exposed brick wall with a skylight on top of it. It’s truly something special.

If you wish to learn more about The Stark Building, please visit our website at
It’s a fantastic building, visit us, and check it out.

About Adam J. Stark, President, and Founder, Stark Office Suites: Adam is an entrepreneur at heart with an eye for business innovation. Following a highly successful career in finance, he branched out on his own in 2004 to found Stark Office Suites.
Adam quickly emerged as a major player in Westchester County’s business community while growing Stark Office Suites into the premier provider of office space and services for professionals and entrepreneurs in the region, serving over 800 businesses. He has been featured in The New York Times,, The Journal News, The Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journals, The New York Real Estate Journal, The Stamford Advocate, The Northern Westchester Express, The Mount Kisco Examiner, 914INC. and many other prominent media outlets.
Adam was a recipient of the Business Council of Westchester’s Rising Stars Award and the Westchester County Association’s APEX award for young professionals. In 2016, Adam was named to 914INC.’s “The It List: 50 Names You Need to Know To Do Business In Westchester.” Adam lives in Northern Westchester with his wife, Marisa, and their seven children.