Question for you: How does a busy, jammed packed, collaborative working environment
sound right about now? Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies sold you on
this environment, you know, the pack them at one long table “shared environment”
complete with craft beer Fridays, ping pong all day, and other shared co-working
experiences. The current safety and social distancing guidelines have made co-working
spaces far less desirable and have created more of a demand for private and
professional workspaces.

This current shift towards premium services and private spaces has always been a staple
for us at Stark Office Suites from day one. We have often been referred to as “Office
Solutions for Grown-Ups,” and we proudly accept that name!

As companies begin to plan their “return to the office” in this post-pandemic era,
researchers are predicting that the demand for co-working spaces and their amenities
will decrease drastically. The health and safety precautions brought on by COVID-19 will
lead tenants to seek a more private workspace without the crowds of people and
without the worry of being exposed to office spaces in co-working environments that
are used and shared by multiple people throughout the day. These are concerns you will
not have to worry about at Stark Office Suites. We set ourselves apart from the very
beginning by creating a premier environment for business professionals and
entrepreneurs to succeed and take their businesses to the next level.

Entering into this post-COVID-19 reality, people want to return to work in a safer and
more professional environment. Stark Office Suites can meet those needs by providing
options for private offices (yes, we have walls and doors) and suites in some of the most
sought after addresses in New York City, Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Our offices
are fully furnished, equipped with state of the art technology, and administrative
support if needed to maximize productivity.

Our clients don’t have to worry about large impersonal spaces, transactional relations,
and being around large crowds of people coming and going all day. At Stark Office
Suites, we emphasize building client relationships and creating long-term solutions for
our clients. All of our locations have managers on-site to ensure that everything is

running smoothly and client needs are being met. Visit Stark Office Suites and learn
more about our options and how we can help your business post-COVID-19.