The rich history and architectural excellence are why many businesses choose to call Hartford their home. In addition to being the capital of Connecticut, Hartford is also becoming the hub of growth in the state of Connecticut.

Within Hartford’s historic buildings is a new, vibrant energy which offers organizations with the unique opportunity to be part of the area’s transformation. The Stark Building is a completely renovated historic building built in 1921, located in the center of downtown at 750 Main Street. An office at The Stark Building blends the modern amenities of a contemporary business facility with the old-world charm that has taken hold of this historic city to create an unparalleled work environment.

The Stark Building offers organizations with a unique opportunity to cost-effectively experience the elegance of an historic building replete with modern amenities such as floor to ceiling windows and high-end fiber optic technology.

Just across the street from The Stark Building is the Old Statehouse located at 800 Main Street. Originally built in 1796, the Old Statehouse was once a state capitol building where all three branches of government held their chambers and debated the matters of the day. Along with its historical significance, the Old State Building’s architecture features a Federal style exterior, Victorian chambers, and Colonial Revival courtrooms.

Downtown Main Street also is home to the Cheney Building , another historical landmark located at 942 Main Street. The Cheney Building is a brownstone building that was constructed between 1875-1876 by the Cheney brothers. A seven-story building on the corner of Main Street, which is known for its broad arches, limestone trim, and crowned with low asymmetric towers. While it was once home to the G. Fox and Co. department store, it now features a mix of office and retail space including a Residence Inn and City Stream Brewery Café.

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